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 things to remember ...

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Bobbie B

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things to remember ...  Empty
PostSubject: things to remember ...    things to remember ...  EmptyMon Mar 05, 2012 1:30 pm

oh .. and something to ALWAYS remember ... this forum group is open to the public .... everyone can see all that you post ... so ... please don't put phone numbers ... addresses ... or private web pages on here unless you don't mind anyone seeing them ...

there are links in your profile where you can put your blog/webpage addie ... email .. skype and PM .. and the like and these ARE private ... only members can see these ... so feel secure in that ...

and all photos posted on the forums can also be seen ... i have included a 'right click' forbidden lock ... this will at least stop everryone copying your pics ...

also copyright infringement is an issue world wide ... I am very aware that it goes on and i cannot stop this from happening within this group but if you do do these things ... please refrain from chatting about copying of patterns etc on the forum ... you have PM or emails in which to discuss these things if you need to .. just NOT on the boards please ... ok ... any such discussion will have to be deleted ...

i think that just about covers everything ... but if i think of anything else or if anyone else thinks of something that should go here ... please post here or message me ... thanks ..

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things to remember ...
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